And I’m Nez :


   Name: Nez
   Age: 1986
   Height: 5’6
   Body Type: Curvy
   Occupation: Creative Genius
   First Outfit: Some black shirt and jeans combo
   Fun Fact: Sushi connoisseur with dimples for days


A couple of years ago, after listening to (embellished) stories of a friend’s success in online dating, I signed up for my first Plenty of Fish (POF) account.  This was when online dating was still mildly taboo and couples often schemed up alternative stories to explain how they met.  I found that one quickly learns that it’s a “quantity over quality” situation.  Though the seas are rich with opportunity, choose wisely young guppies, as you could easily fall into the Realm of Foolz, like ol’ Nez.

Here is a list of my “Top 5 Worst Dates: Censored School Edition**” for your entertainment.  I’ve included an introductory Quick Bio of each Fool complete with a hand drawn portrait and a brief summary of the date.   I will be referring to each Fool affectionately by his pet-name, to protect their identities and prevent lawsuits.

Try to learn from my experiences (/mistakes), which I’m slowly beginning to do.

** “School Censored Edition”: Content may have been censored and modified to reflect school-project-appropriatenez. Yes, in some cases the story gets worse…So much worse!