Meet Polak :




  Name: Polak
   Age: 1978
   Height: 5’8
   Body Type: Stocky
   Occupation: Health & Safety Coordinator
   First Outfit: Jeans, pink splattered Affliction shirt, cream faux leather jacket
   Fun Fact: Tattoo of fiancée’s initials on upper thigh…so I hear.


I was easily won over by Polak’s witty sense of humour, sprinkle of arrogance and promises of the best sushi of my life.  ”Sushi” isn’t a metaphor, by ze by.

We sent a series of hilarious essays back and forth on POF for a couple days until we spontaneously decided to get together one night.  I drove out to Richmond and met him at a sushi place I hadn’t been to before.  His greeting was a little too forward and lingered a little too long but I wrote it off to him being European.

Somewhere into our second jug of sake, our witty banter progressed to dreaded “X chat” and he launched into the story of the demise of his recent engagement.  This wouldn’t have bothered me much if he had given me the edited version, but unfortunately for me, I was treated to the full, sordid tale.

Apparently while he was out of town visiting Poland for a month, a friend contacted him saying his fiancée was spotted unashamedly canoodling another guy at Kits Beach.  Instead of calling her to discuss the accusation like a normal human being, he took this as a freebie to Revenge-Cheat-Rampage all over Europe.

Upon his return to Vancouver, he contacted the fiancée’s best friend to get the details from her.  Polak conned the best friend into meeting him for dinner and pumped her full of booze until she drunkenly confirmed his suspicions.  In one last attempt to get back at his fiancée, he made sure to personally assist the best friend into bed that night.

“So,” he said as he stuffed an ebi nigiri in his mouth.  “Have you ever been cheated on?”

As romantic as this was, I had heard enough.  We settled the bill pretty quick and went our separate ways.

…But is this the end of Polak??

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