Meet Mute:


 Name: Mute
  Age: 1980
  Height: 5’10
  Body Type: Stocky
  Occupation: Accountant or something
  First Outfit: Grey sweater and jeans
  Fun Fact:  Most Boring Man..EVER.

Mute initiated this disaster.

We stumbled through forced messages and I thought for SURE it would fizzle, but he asked me out instead.  “Maybe he’s more talkative and outgoing in person.”  I pondered, as I half-heartedly agreed.  He was secretly too goodlooking to decline.

We met up on Robson, exchanged hello’s, grabbed coffees and agreed to toddle around the seawall.  This is normally my favorite date but after we discussed our previous night’s events, the conversation fell stale.  We continued walking, one block, two blocks, three blocks in dead air.  He eventually inquired about my luck on POF and I broke into a hilarious rendition of the story of “Roid,” (the next fool on our list!).  But Mute remained unamused and unenthused.

By this time, we’ve strolled all the way down Robson and hung a right along the way to get down to the water. Now, I pride myself on the ability to charm even the miserablest of people but even Nez, could barely get a smirk out of this guy. I’ve resorted to “What’s your favorite colour?” as we neared the Rowing Club. Mute pretends to glance at his watch and suggests we head back, mumbling something about a family dinner.  ”That sounds great, dude!”  I sigh with relief.  Could you imagine being trapped on the seawall with this idiot for the next couple hours?  We turned around and continued in silence until we reached the first intersection where we could bolt in opposite directions. We shook hands amicably and obviously never uttered a word to eachother, ever again.

I then made my way to Kits for a well deserved “Drink n’ Vent” with one of my girls.

Incase you’re unfamiliar with the area, I’ve included a map of our route:

What an amazing ability he has to make one hour seem like several!

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